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Are you thinking of Advertising Your Business or Services? Advertising on Pakotunes is a very good decision to take. If Publicity & Huge Returns is what you want, Then Hitting your Target is a Child’s Play when you advertise with us. Take advantage of our already competitive price points; advertisers looking to run lengthier campaigns and/or multiple ad spots can enjoy an overwhelming discount. We are happy to work on your custom ad placement, and take your brand to the next level.

We Offer just all Types of Advertisement Format on HenryWap i.e. Banner Ad and Text Ad. Including Our Social Medias, We only Accept some Major Classes of Advert on Pakotunes!

  • Website/Blog Advert:- We can help you Advertise your New Created or Existing Website or Blog for a little Fee.
  • Product / Services:- Do you Offer any Products or sell Stuff you think our Audience will be Interested in? Let’s help you Market it to them and Expect Huge Returns.
  • Ebook Sales Advert:- Do you have any Ebooks you want to Market and you want us to Advertise for You? We Promise we will never Let you Down, We have done this in a Million Cases and The Result is Always Success, No Failure, Your Ebook will Move and will surely beat your Expectation.
  • Facebook or Twitter Page Advert:- Are you a Celebrity or a Label and you want us to Promote your Facebook / Twitter Page? This goes for a Token and be Sure that the Return will be Massive.
  • Refferal Links Advert :- Need Good Result for your Refferal or Affilate Programs, Wow HenryWap will surely Make you Proud….
  • And lot more…


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Interested in Advertising with us? This are our Account Details, Pay in the Required Amount and Send your Ad Format to Us, We will get your Ad Running on Pakotunes!
Over the Months, Our Advertisers has never recorded any Failure, We Promise & We Delivered! A Trial will surely convince you! For Advert Placement Issues & Question, You can Reach Us below;

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Before you shoot us an Email please Kindly Send Information about what you want to Advertise, The Advert Format and also the Duration Ads to Us. We’ll send you a Perfect Information you need to know to get your Advert Running On our Blog as soon as possible.